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World's top guidelines on diagnosis and treatment

Large countries have the best people showing up at the surface, and have guidelines in English that are far more elaborate and up to date then that of small countries.

Take one of more guidelines to you expert (biologis, immunologist) and require to follow them!

  1. Burrescona guidelines 2008, world famous
  2. Canada lab guidelines
  3. IDSA USA treatment guidelines
  4. German Borreliosis Guidelines in English
  5. Swedish holsitic guidelines
  6. European EFNS Lyme guidelines

Do you find additional of more recent guidelines of top value? Please email us on info@borreliosis.org

BEWARE: development of Borreliosis into other diseases.

Have a look at the Borreliosis timeline (Pdf) and watch for the fact the Borreliosis after a while can generate other neurological diseases as

  • mengitis
  • neuritis
  • radiculoneuritis

All these three neurological diseases involve inflammations of tissues.

The best diagnostic test for this is PCR - Polymerase Chainr Reaction

PCR in diagnosis of infection (pdf)

Use of PCR in diagnosis according to European guidelines (pdf)

Once tissue infection is diagnosed, you are recommended to follow the guidelines for treatment of issue infection (pdf) - print it and give it to your doc

Here are some top articles about the 'transformation' of Borreliosis into other neurological diseases:

It is sometimes good to take the opposite view and claim 'fatality rate 100%' (though this is not true) - here is an interesting article of 'owndoc' -